You suspect mold is growing behind your kitchen walls since the discoloration is spreading. A musty odor lingers.

Mold has cotton-like characteristics in gray, white, black, or green. Black mold is dangerous, so keep an eye out for it and call for a mold inspection in Queens.

Can I Use a Store-Bought Self-Test Kit?

You should test for mold even if you are reasonably convinced it is mold.

Using home mold test kits, you can conduct your own assessment. These do-it-yourself kits are advertised as being able to detect the presence of dangerous mold that might cause major health issues.

On the other hand, home testing tools are not statistically accurate and yield a high percentage of false positives. A false positive means that the home test will indicate that you have a mold problem even if you do not have increased mold levels.

If you are concerned enough, you should get a mold removal in Queens from a professional. They have the necessary equipment to conduct air sampling and lift sampling as needed.

Different Kinds of Mold Testing

Air Sampling. Mold experts collect indoor air samples from homes using air sampling. Outside of the house, a control sample is also taken. The interior and outdoor samples are compared to see whether there are any higher amounts of mold spores within the home that are not naturally present outside.

Lift Tape Sample. Any places to be tested were taped with a piece of tape. Following that, it is lifted and placed on a micro-glass slide. The microbiology laboratory then seals the tape slide and examines it for mold spores.

Tape Swab Test. This test is rarely conducted because it is used to identify the type of mold present. This test does not often detect spore count, which is crucial for determining whether a residence has excessive mold levels. Because all mold must be removed, the number of mold spores is significantly more essential than the type of mold. The tape swab test wipes the surface to be tested using a cotton material swab. Then, the sample reaches the lab for testing.

Why is it necessary to conduct pre-and post-testing?

Typically, pre-testing begins with a test to see whether there is an issue. If the initial testing reveals a problem, the pre-test results can help with the scope of work development.

Post-testing gives the property owner peace of mind and proves to the contractor that the job was done correctly. Many homeowners opt out of a post-test in smaller cleanup projects or where the extent of repair is beyond the common living space of the property to save money.

In the restoration industry, post-testing is always preferred by restoration experts. A thorough Post-test report is given to ensure the safety of all parties participating in the mold removal project. The post-test report comes in handy when it is time to put your house on the market.

The first step in the prevention of mold is to be aware of the problem. Keep a close eye on your premises for any symptoms of mold growth. The best way to avoid all of these microorganisms’ dangers is to take action as soon as possible. For mold removal in Brooklyn, NY, contact Elite Mold Removal today!

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