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Signs of Mold Infestations

Mold is generally fungus composing of small organisms. Their universal presence is a boon for the outdoors as they play a vital role in decaying dead leaves and trees.

However, these fungi grow indoors quickly and alarmingly in moist conditions to discharge spores. Breathing mold spores in large quantities can cause health problems.

The top signs of mold that indicate mold infestation in your house.

You are ill and never better

Even though you are exposed to mold spores every day, continuous exposure, particularly indoors, can cause some dangerous health problems.

Allergic reactions to mold can manifest themselves in the forms of nasal congestion, continuous coughing, and watery eyes.

Skin oriented allergic reactions like tingling and itching sensations are also triggered upon getting in touch with mold. Your body discharges histamines to counter these reactions, which happen in flaky and dry skin, which can even head to hives.

Bubbly walls

Mold infestation can lead to a bubble structure on painted walls. The most prone areas to bubble up are the spots with more dampness. If you assume mold infestation, inspect your bathroom or basement walls and regions near the windows.

A leaking windowsill or a spot close to a leaking pipe is perfect for mold to grow. In such situations, make sure that you rub the paint, clean, patch, and dry the exterior before repainting to ease the concern once and for all.

Moldy smell

That unfamiliar and unpleasant odor is an exclusive giveaway of mold infestation. Severe the odor, severe is the mold development. Always check for a musty and moldy odor, particularly close to any moist area within the house.

Water damage

Anticipate the probability of mold germination anytime you encounter water damage. Water leads to get quickly absorbed, building the ideal damp situation for mold to flourish. The sooner you discover, the easier it would be to eliminate mold growth.

Always acknowledge the probability of condensation problems during the wintertime. Indoor condensation can drive to moderately higher humidity, which can promote mold growth. This is where a mold removal company can come in usable.


Rust is another sign that can symbolize extreme dampness in your home. What is the other outcome of having excessive moisture indoors? Yes, you figured it right; it makes the perfect atmosphere for mold growth.

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