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Mold spores are just like the small seeds floating through the air till they settle somewhere. Just think about planting a seed in the ground. If that seed gets the appropriate conditions with moisture and nutrients, it will undoubtedly sprout and grow. Mold also works in the same manner. If a place where spores land is good and moist, mold will start to grow and spread in no time and makes more mold spores. In a short period, you will be dealing with a big problem in your home or office. To ensure that there is no mold presence on your premises, you should get the service of mold inspection in Queens rendered by the professionals. They will help you deal with the situation hassle-free!

What are the Right Conditions for Mold Growth?

There are mainly three things mold need to grow:

Accurate Temperature:

Mold thrives well in temperatures within 40° and 100°. Indoor temperatures drop within this range. This isn’t a situation you can replace to stop indoor mold growth.


Mold feasts on all types of essential elements. Most building elements carry nutrients that would promote mold, whether it’s wood or drywall or even the sofa cushions.


This is the significant element. Add water indoors, where it doesn’t fit, and quickly you can have mold thriving. Water can be substantive water absorbing into building supplies. It can be condensation on windows, or it can also be high indoor humidity levels – over 60% relevant humidity and mold can begin to grow.

Time Matters Too

There is a 4th thing that is needed for mold to develop, and that is time. Let’s say a pipe leak, and the wall is moist. As long as the water is cleaned up and the elements dried inside 24-48 hours, you have a relatively good opportunity of stopping indoor mold growth.

What Does Mold Inspection Service Include?

The inclusions of mold inspection service in the Bronx are:

A comprehensive inspection of the infected area – The professionals check for water damage, noticeable mold, and other complex mold infestation symptoms. They know what and where to look for it.

Discovering the Source – Mold will grow where it has water to sustain it. The mold inspectors will figure out how the water is going in and what must be done to stop it. Taking care of the cause of the mold is what mold remediation is all about.

Analysis of other details- Sometimes, clients call for help after they have had mold testing done. If available, this additional information can help the professionals make sure they don’t miss anything.

Preparing the Remediation Plan – The mold remediation specialist will outline what will have to be done to make sure the mold removal is successful.

Mold can be dangerous if not dealt with properly within the timeframe. If you need mold inspection services, contact Elite Mold Removal right away. We will help you get your home or office inspected for mold professionally. Contact today!

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